Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

You will be taking part in the production of a Charity album collaboration as part of the ☆ASDR☆ (we)  team. As we are a non-profit charity we do not offer any sort of payment for the work that you provide us with. The work that you contribute to ☆ASDR☆ will be placed in an album and sold on our Bandcamp page with the proceedings being donated to a carefully selected charity that covers worldwide.

  • You must be comfortable with donating your contribution
  • Your track/art must be new and unpublished
  • You may only share your project with other members at ☆ASDR☆
  • You must stick to the schedule as best you can
  • You must be transparent with your availability
  • You will need to have an open form of communication (Discord/E-mail)

Additional T&C’s

  • Your music/art belongs to you.
  • ☆ASDR☆ will endeavour to make sure that you are fully credited for the work that you produce.
  • Being apart of ☆ASDR☆, past or present, will not exclude you from future competitions or projects.
  • You are free to withdraw yourself from a project if you want/need to.

Any questions please contact Mrs.Peach