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-Single- Life Is Just A Game To Me (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Makushi-P has released a new single with ASDR – Life Is Just A Game To Me. This track is ASDR’s first non-album related release. If you would like to donate a track to ASDR please send an E-Mail to: Life Is Just A Game To Me (feat. Hatsune Miku) by Makushi-P

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New Album – Envision

It’s here! Envision is a 16 track album filled to the brim with all manners of trance and house music! The album is roughly 90 minutes long and is set at a cheery $15 USD (or $2 per song) on our bandcamp page. We will post you an update when it is available on streaming […]


Envision – Single Release – Reset

Our last single from Envision. Plus/Minus has contributed with Rin Kagamine and Ruby. Sweet vocals on a Progressive Trance track. Uplifting and sad at the same time. Music, lyrics: Plus/Minus Mastering: GuitarHeroPianoZero Vocal: Rin Kagamine/Ruby Purchase: Reset -single- by Plus/Minus

Music Releases

Envision – Single Release – True Utopia

NewOn to our second single release – True Utopia by Quasar P. New Comer, Quasar P has joined the ranks and provided us with an energy filled bop. A traditional trance mixed with some classical elements to give this track a unique feel. Makes me want to get up and dance. Music, lyrics: Quasar P […]

Music Releases

Envision – Single Release – Spectacle

Here is our first single from our upcoming album ‘Envision’, which will be released this Friday – 25th May 2018. nostraightanswer has returned to ASDR for Envision with his track, Spectacle. A delicious mix of Deep House and crispy vocals from Daina. Music, lyrics: nostraightanswer  ( Vocal: Daina Tuning: CircusP ( Illustration: Nageko ( Purchase: […]

Music Releases

Release: Colour By Neon

We released our album on the 10th Of June 2017. It comes with 12 track for only $8. Bandcamp: iTunes: Amazon: Read Reviews VocaEuro: Vocaloidemo: Video Releases Lyrics Booklet