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Calling all artists! All skill levels welcome!


We want your art!

We’re in the final stages of completing our current charity project – a Trance and House album! The last few songs are rolling in, the artists are working their magic, and soon, we will start work on PVs. That being said, we have a special request!

We wanna create a PV made entirely from YOUR fanart!

The Vocaloid/vocal synth community is positively overflowing with creative types. Musicians, cosplayers, singers, writers, animators, artists – the list goes on! If it wasn’t for this amazing community, ASDR wouldn’t have had continued success in creating collab albums and supporting global charities. This time around, we wanted to step up our game and get as many of you involved as possible.

Traditional or digital, cosplay or clay, dancing or photography, animation or abstract, we want to put your work in the spotlight~ <3

Any skill level is welcome, we want to use everything you make for us!

One of our producers, VocallegraHelen, has created an upbeat trance tune. We’re gonna take all the submissions from you lovely people and put them in a PV for her song!

[Click here to hear a sample of the song!]
[Click here to see the lyrics for the song!]

The song, called “Headrush”, features vocals from VocallegraHelen’s English UTAUloid, Zabunne Ally. Ally has clear, lively vocals, and has been featured in songs on previous ASDR albums.

What we’re looking for:
– Any kind of visual art (not just drawings!)
– Any skill level!
– It MUST feature Zabunne Ally
– MUST be your own artwork (please do not submit on behalf of someone else)
– Collabs are encouraged! (JUst make sure everyone involved consents to their art being used)
– Nothing inappropriate.
– If submitting digital art, a transparent background is encouraged, but not a necessity.
– You may submit up to three entires

Character: VocallegraHelen Art: R3K0D4

The deadline will be May 27.

[Click here for a high res character reference!]

And finally, to submit your entry: CLICK HERE!

We encourage you to also post your finished art here on your favourite social media platform with the hashtag #ASDRfanartPV

And – as a special thank you – all contributors will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for the album when it’s released!

We look forward to seeing your submissions, and can’t wait to see what kind of awesome PV we’ll all make together!


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