Welcome to ASDR

ASDR is first and foremost a Vocal Synthesizer charity collaborative and a record label. ASDR (short for AssembleSynthesizeDirectRelay) is a conglomerate of VOCALOID and UTAU users and producers that aim to please. All proceeds for the propose of charity are donated to https://onemind.org/

ASDR was founded in December 2014

Most of our songs are in English but we do love other languages. You will find all of our tracks/albums on Bandcamp. We post on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming websites.



Our funding is gathered through Bandcamp (primary source) and Streaming Apps such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon/Google Music and Deezer. Funds are sent to a Paypal account made for ASDRLabels.

Third Party services take a small percentage automatically. We have no control over this.

For example if you were to purchase a track from our Bandcamp page for $2, they would take 15% of that revenue. The 85% would be sent to our chosen charity.