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Call To Project: Colour By Neon

Get into the groove! ASDR are going back in time to the 80’s. We are looking for any kind of 80’s genre or sub-genre (modern aswell). You will have a lot of freedom for this project.  As always we will be looking for returning and new creative people with different skill levels, it’s a chance to get published. Let’s make this ☆ASDR☆‘s biggest project yet.

☆ASDR☆ or AudioSynthesizeDirectRelay, is a collaborative, western, Vocaloid and UTAU doujin circle.

We donate the proceedings from our albums to charities. We are supporting –

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Quotes from our Bandcamp Page:

Hentai Listen how far English UTAU has come. This release by ASDR made me fall in love with Cz-loid. By far my favorite track is Smash Power. Need more metal vocals that really bring out Mimi Yorune’s power!Favorite track: Yami no Tasogare-P – Smash Power..

Alexis Berman This whole album is really wonderful and pleasant. Close call between Fly Away and Dream With You for favorite track, but my love of Yohioloid prevails.Favorite track: GuitarHeroPianoZero – Dream With You.

Ryukrieger This album is just good. There are many good songs in this album, but my favourite is definitely Glass Wall! Favorite track: Glass Wall.

Eric Lee Not only is it a wonderful usage of an English Vocaloid, the song itself is beautiful. The instrumental is very pleasant to listen to, and the lyrics are fluid and relatable. Favorite track: Dream With You (Single Ver.).

I founded ASDR to help people.

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